Suzhou Rovathin Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd


 Founded by senior chemists and marketing experts in 2007, Suzhou Rovathin Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd (Sales Company of Affiliated Plant in China) is specialized in the design,synthesis,sales and outsourcing of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical, drug discovery, agrochemical and biotechnology industries.

Our business and service include: Carbohydrates,Pyrimidine,Pyrazole,Pyridine,Indole,Isatin,Thiazole,Boronic Acid,Imidazole, Chiral compound and other Heterocyclic building blocks.

We have broad experience in the synthesis of intermediates,building blocks and have achieved a proven track record in supplying worldwide clients with quality product and on-time delivery. Our clients include: Roche, Novartis, Merck,Wyeth, Amgen,Takeda,Johnson & Johnson,Boehringer Ingelheim,etc 

Accredited by UKAS ISO 9001:2008, Our marketing team will quickly response to your inquiries and our production team is highly reliable, especially on delivery time and our chemists enjoy being challenged by difficult chemistry problems and look forward to solving them. 

At Rovathin, you will receive high-quality products and service – plus an attractive added value: You can be completely relaxed when you work with Rovathin. Why? Because our products are extremely safe and reliable. Because they are developed and produced in close partnership with our facility. Over the years, we've built our business and reputation on "Rovathin Reliability”, which is an integral part of our service we offer. Every employee at Rovatin is dedicated to defect-free work, following established procedures, and delivering products and services that are excellent.And because we never stop looking for ways to make things better and to open up new business areas for you. In brief, because your success is our success.

In a new year, Rovathin will continue to work with more clients to develop more fine chemicals, intermediates and building block for much wider range of biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

                                                 Rovathin, your one-stop chemical business partner in China.


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